Someone asked me recently if I could articulate some easy and basic “steps” that a person could do every day that would help them be in alignment with wealth, meaning be “in line” to attract well-being, goodness, and prosperity. So, that prosperity would flow easier in life. So, where they stood emotionally was a reflection of what they wanted to create in life, versus standing in fear and scarcity.

My answer to that question was yes! Yes, you certainly create some basic “steps” to do each and every day that would align you with wealth, joy, and goodness. Now, before I go there, I want you to realize that these steps, or perhaps a better word would be “keys”, to alignment are not set in stone. But, they are indeed good building blocks for beginning the journey, your journey, that sets your “keys to alignment” apart from everyone else’s.

1. I would begin with a heaping dose of self-care. What I mean by this – is choose at least 10 things to do for yourself each day that isn’t a should or a have-to. This is one of the most essential things. It builds your sense of self-worth and you will begin to love yourself in a new way, and this, in turn, lines you up with love, well-being, and prosperity.

2. Meditate. Every day for at least 5-15 minutes, begin to intentionally quiet your mind. Increase this time as you are able. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth 3 times. Then gently focus on your heart and your connection with God. Let fleeting thoughts pass by, without resistance. Stay focused on your love for God, your appreciation, and your joy. This is a Tibetan form of meditation that I have found to be excellent.

Why is meditation important? Connection to All That Is, and All That Is a far cry from scarcity isn’t it?! It is good to experience truth and love on a daily basis and move away from the many illusions of life. Meditation also quiets your mind so that you can raise your vibration to its most natural and abundant state. In this state, you are a powerful attractor of wealth and well-being. Treat yourself to this each day.

3. Be in charge of your thoughts and feelings. Choose thoughts and feelings that make you feel better, and help you to ease any resistance to well-being in your life. If you can jump for joy this is great! But, if joy is too big of a stretch, then take your time and ease your way there. Make the topic of “feeling good” or “feeling better” at the top of your life’s list.

Here is an example. I have this little health issue. I could, if I chose, stand here: “This health issue is the worst, I can’t handle it, I have no control over this, my doctors don’t care, feel angry ..etc etc. ”

OR, I could stand here, and ease my resistance to it: “Well, I am here. It is better than where I was last week, and I can really feel myself improving a bit. I love my new naturopath and I believe in her. I know I will heal, and I know it will be soon, I can feel it coming. I trust I will have learned something from this, and that my body will be healthier because of it in the end. This thing won’t get me. It’s MY life.”

Help yourself move UP the well-being scale, versus spiraling down and around, creating more of the same situation you are in. You will be amazed how your connection to wealth and well-being seems to just happen…as if it was there all along. Imagine that! Here it comes.